LP PoweredEWM®

LP PoweredEWM® - The turbo for your logistics

No matter if you manage a replacement part warehouse, finished goods distribution warehouse, or a multi-customer warehouse:LP PoweredEWM, which is based on the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), provides comprehensive support for the representation of your warehouse processes and is applicable for any industrial sector. With the LP PoweredEWM system we offer you a completely customized, enhanced EWM-system. You receive a fully defined warehouse with numerous enhancements by LogiPlus, based on more than 20 years of experience with SAP warehouse management.

Among other things, we provide fully-defined work center dialogues, stationary packaging areas, picking bins, material flow control, and ready-to-use mobile processes. "Pick, pack and pass"-scenarios are included as well as value-added services and cross-docking. The adjustable LP Warehouse Cockpit for controlling and monitoring your daily workload is also included and can easily be adapted to your specific needs.

Your implementation project directly starts with the installed version of LP PoweredEWM. You receive MFC-functionality, including the SAP Plant Connectivity 2.0 to communicate with a PLC. The use of LP PoweredEWM significantly reduces the project complexity and duration for the implementation of a SAP EWM system.

LP PoweredEWM is no example system and no sandbox. The LP PoweredEWM release is compliant with SAP and it is installed as a base in your development system. With LP PoweredEWM you begin your implementation project at 75% instead of 0%. The modular design principle used for the development of add-ons ensures re-usability of components in other processes and combinations thereof.

Features of LP PoweredEWM®

  • Integration of multiple client systems to a logistics system using different interfaces
  • Communication also with non-SAP ERP systems
  • Reporting tool for all actions and objects in the warehouse (movements, warehouse tasks, deliveries, handling units, value-added services, etc.) can be used for billing purposes

Benefits of LP PoweredEWM®

  • Shorter implementation time
  • Drastically reduced implementation costs
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Higher productivity
  • Cost control
  • Reliable quality
  • Experienced experts
  • Structured project management
  • Assured project success


LP PoweredEWM®