Social engagement

Social responsibility is a matter close to our heart!

Our corporate philosophy:
Living responsibility!

Social responsibility is also part of our self-image outside of our business activities. We want to make our contribution to a fair and social life together. That is why we have been supporting social institutions for many years. With our donations and other support, we want to help children and young people in particular.

As a down-to-earth company with its roots in Ludwigshafen, we see ourselves as an integral part of the region. That is why it is very important to us to support the local region with our activities. We attach particular importance to supporting very specific projects. Nothing is better than seeing the positive effects of our support on the ground.

Extract from our fundraising activities

Christmas fundraising campaign “Foundation Paula Wittenberg” (2020)

Donations instead of Christmas presents – that’s the motto again this year for the SAP and logistics experts from Ludwigshafen, Germany. For many years, it has been a matter close to the LogiPlus Group’s heart to support charitable institutions in the region that help children. This year, the donation of 2,500 euros will go to the Foundation Paula Wittenberg Foundation. Since 2004, the institution has been pursuing the goal of improving emergency aid for young patients in terms of training and equipment.

For 16 years now, the founder of the foundation, Lars Wittenberg, together with his wife, has been committed to the continuous improvement of emergency medical care for children in the Rhine-Neckar area. The cause was the death of their little daughter Paula in 2004 due to bleeding after a tonsil operation.

The foundation supports numerous projects, such as organising and financing further training for medical staff to be prepared for children’s emergencies. The foundation also provides specially developed baby and child resuscitation manikins for training lay people. Another important project is the funding of special pediatric emergency ambulances. This is a fast emergency vehicle with equipment that is primarily designed to meet children’s needs.

With the pediatric emergency ambulance, the University Hospital Mannheim offers a service that is unparalleled in the region. “The area of operation is not limited to Mannheim, the vehicle is also actively used by surrounding hospitals.“, says Dr. med. Julia Reinhard, senior physician at the University Hospital in Mannheim, describing the purpose of the pediatric emergency ambulance. “It is used well over 100 times a year in the region and thus makes a significant contribution to providing the best possible care for children in emergencies.”,  Reinhard continues.

For LogiPlus, lasting social commitment in the region is a matter of course, which is why local projects have been actively supported for many years.LogiPlus founder Thilo Matheis explains what drives him: „We want to very actively support the efforts of regionally based associations and foundations that work for people with tireless personal commitment. In particular, the protection and promotion of children and young people is very close to our hearts.”

We are very delighted about the donation from LogiPlus! The amounts will be used for our project at the University Hospital Mannheim for emergency doctor training and for the provision of a children’s emergency ambulance. In addition, the Elternkreis Neugeborene e.V., which has been very intensively caring for premature babies at the Mannheim University Hospital for a long time, also benefits from this donation. That is why we are doubling the donation again from our side.

Lars Wittenberg, founder of the "Foundation Paula Wittenberg"
Sponsoring the new jerseys of the TSV Karlsdorf table tennis team (2020)

Fighting for points in the LogiPlus jersey: TSV Karlsdorf table tennis team celebrates season opening in a new outfit - jerseys handed over on 11.10.2020

The LogiPlus Group not only has a heart for children, but is also committed to sports. After focusing in recent years on supporting social institutions for families and children, the company is now also involved in table tennis for the first time. In the future, all men’s and junior teams of TSV Karlsdorf will be wearing black LogiPlus jerseys at the table tennis tables.

Around 50 jerseys were sponsored by the SAP consultancy based in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine. They were handed over on 11 October 2020 for the first match of the season of the first team playing in the Badenliga.

Andreas Müller, deputy head of the table tennis department at TSV Karlsdorf and also a player in the first team, was pleased to receive the shirts from LogiPlus Managing Director Thilo Matheis.

“We wish the TSV Karlsdorf teams many victories and keep our fingers crossed for promotion at the end of the season.”, said a delighted LogiPlus founder Matheis.

And the first step towards this has already been taken. Right in the very first game with the new tricots, they were able to achieve an unchallenged and smooth victory. Mutschelbach was sent home with 9:1.

With the new shirts, we are well prepared for promotion. The entire table tennis department would like to thank our new sponsor for this great commitment!

Axel Kunkelmann, player of the TSV Karlsdorf und Managing Director of LogiPlus Logistics Management GmbH
Christmas fundraising campaign St. Annastift children's home in Ludwigshafen (2019)

Donations instead of Christmas presents – this is a tradition at LogiPlus. The SAP logistics and IT specialist from Ludwigshafen is once again foregoing Christmas presents for business partners and customers in 2019. This year, the donation of 5,000 euros will go to the children’s home St. Annastift. The modern youth welfare facility offers a differentiated range of services for children and young people of all ages and entire families. With this money, LogiPlus supports the riding therapy offered by St. Annastift – an extraordinary and very effective project. The facility will use the donation to be able to offer and finance the service in 2020 as well.

The children’s home in Ludwigshafen currently accommodates around 60 people. In the residential groups, children and adolescents with unfortunate living situations are cared for from infancy until they become independent. In addition, there are so-called family nests where entire families are accompanied in separate flats. An essential goal of the facility is to offer children and adolescents a living environment with security and protection in order to accompany and strengthen them in their development. Since this is a long-term development process, sustainable therapy offers are crucial for success.

As a special feature, St. Annastift offers riding therapy. Therapeutic riding uses the beneficial and healing effect of the horse on people to implement educational, psychological and socially integrative measures. It is particularly suitable for children and young people with mental and social developmental disorders.

At St. Annastift, 8 to 10 children currently receive therapeutic attention from our trained riding therapist every month. This has an extremely positive effect on the children’s development.“, says Michael Eberhart, responsible for therapy services in his capacity as head of the youth welfare department, describing the current situation.

For LogiPlus, social commitment is part of its corporate identity, which is why the SAP and logistics experts have been supporting social institutions for many years. “We want to do something helpful and useful for children and young people with our donations.“, Thilo Matheis, Managing Director of LogiPlus, explains the aim. And Matheis continues: “And not just at Christmas time, but permanently. It is important to us to support very specific local projects, where you can directly see the positive effects our donation has.”

"The children learn a lot about themselves and the animals, this has a loosening, balancing and fear-relieving effect. However, in order to be able to provide this offer in the future, we are dependent on donations. That is why we are all the more grateful that the donation of LogiPlus will enable us to continue to offer riding therapy in 2020."

Michael Eberhart, Head of Youth Welfare at St. Annstift
Christmas fundraising campaign Daycare Center “Vogelnest” in Böhl (2014)

Full of curiosity, the children of the daycare center “Vogelnest” in Böhl also waited for the gifts of the Christ Child. Hoping to make their eyes sparkle, LogiPlus donated to the renovation of the kindergarten’s outdoor area this year.

With a new adventure landscape, the daycare center would like to offer its children the opportunity to learn more about their environment and expand their own knowledge. It is also intended to improve motor and coordination skills.

Up to that point, the outdoor area offered only a few incentives and was to be expanded with the donation to include the following components:

We at LogiPlus are very pleased to be able to support this useful project and thus offer the children at the Daycare Center “Vogelwelt” completely new opportunities to explore their environment.

Christmas fundraising booster club "Kinderzentrum e.V." and association "HundeBlicke e.V." (2012)

With our donations, we would like to actively support the booster club “Kinderzentrum e.V.” and the “HundeBlicke e.V.” association, both based in Ludwigshafen, in realising solutions and opportunities in the coming year.

With the help of the booster club “Kinderzentrum e.V.”, ongoing projects for children in the social-paediatric centre and the special kindergarten will be realised. Examples include the construction of a sunshade for the outdoor area and the procurement of materials to enhance the communication skills of people without or with significantly limited spoken language (“Augmentative and Alternative Communication”).

Hundeblicke e.V. supports animal welfare organisations in Spain and Germany with the placement of dogs in Germany as well as with donations of food, material and money, which are used, among other things, for a castration project or the treatment of diseases.

Christmas fundraising LuZIE (Ludwigshafen Center for Individual Educational Assistance) & Tierhilfe Ludwigshafen e.V. (2005-2011)
From 2005 to 2011, we supported the Ludwigshafen Center for Individual Educational Assistance (LuZiE) every year and, for the first time in 2010, the Tierhilfe Ludwigshafen e.V. association.

In the wake of the LuZie projectParental Participation and Violence Prevention in Municipal Education and Upbringing Landscapes“, a wide variety of offers were developed and realised with the aim of offering educationally deprived and socially weak families (including single parents and young mothers) support in raising and caring for their children as early as possible.

One way to achieve this is to invite socially disadvantaged and low-income families in particular to family camps, to provide them with new learning opportunities in community and social interaction, and to inform them about important supportive moments for their children with the help of suitable image-based information. These planned family camps are organised in cooperation with the local parishes and lead to not inconsiderable costs when they are realised.

With our donation, we support LuZiE in carrying out its important tasks and hope that we can contribute a little to ensuring that social background does not determine the educational opportunities and thus also the future of children.

Furthermore, we have been supporting the association Tierhilfe Ludwigshafen e.V. since 2010. Especially in 2010, not only companies and banks were affected by the economic crisis, but also many associations and non-profit organisations that had to suffer from dwindling finances.

Many animal shelters in Germany saw donations plummet, and many pet owners were forced to give up their animals for financial reasons because they simply could no longer afford the costs of maintenance or veterinary care. Yet, especially for pensioners and single people, animals are often family members who protect them from loneliness and are a “bridge to society” for them.

The animals that are relinquished for financial reasons are often sick or even in need of surgery, are often difficult to place and thus become costly long-term guests. Due to the extremely high number of seriously ill or even injured animals, the association was forced to tap its emergency financial reserves in 2010 and was urgently dependent on donations to be able to continue its work.

With our donation, we were able to actively support the association in continuing its business.

Donation for the Ludwigshafen Center for Individual Educational Assistance (2004)

In cooperation with the Mayor of the City of Ludwigshafen, Dr Eva Lohse, we at LogiPlus once again showed social commitment in 2004. This time, some kids got the opportunity to experience a real racing atmosphere at the Nürburgring.

As part of the LogiPlus Infoday on 9 July 2004, we invited seven children and their carers from the Ludwigshafen Center for Individual Educational Assistance (LuZiE) to the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.


The aim was to offer the children from socially difficult backgrounds something different and to give them an unforgettable day.

There, they experienced an exciting Grand Prix day with thrilling truck races, stunt shows and country music in the exclusive Continental Lounge, had fun in the children’s paradise and, together with LogiPlus guests, were able to take a look behind the scenes in the LogiPlus Wöss Racing Team pit and cheer on the racing drivers in the Recaro Formula3 Cup afterwards.