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End-to-End Warehouse Automation with SAP EWM

  • Migration from SAP WM to SAP EWM
  • Decentralised SAP EWM
  • Integration AutoStore
  • Material flow optimisation with SAP MFS
  • Order picking with UI5
  • Fully automated goods-to-man picking strategy
  • Pick, Pack & Pass
  • Fully automated high-bay warehouse with 30,000 pallet spaces

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DAW, Europe’s largest private manufacturer of construction paints and thermal insulation, was faced with the challenge of replacing the existing IT infrastructure during ongoing operations without interruption, expanding the inventory warehouses and optimising and automating the processes in the warehouse. The goal was end-to-end warehouse automation with SAP EWM.

For this purpose, the existing warehouse management system SAP WM was replaced by a decentralised SAP EWM with the SAP partner LogiPlus Consulting, the inventory warehouse was expanded, the material flow was optimised with SAP MFS and automation solutions such as AutoStore or a forklift control system was introduced and integrated. SAP S/4HANA was then implemented as the ERP system at a later stage.

In the IT-Onlinemagazin Expert Talk on October 10th, Jörg Martin, Head of Finished Goods Warehouse at DAW SE, and LogiPlus CEO Thilo Matheis answer the questions of Helge Sanden and Maike Rose from IT-Onlinemagazin. Among other things, they talk about DAW’s goals and challenges, the implementation, the go-live and the hyper care phase and about the success factors of this long-term project.

Jörg Martin
Head of Finished Goods Warehouse,
Thilo Matheis
LogiPlus Consulting
Helge Sanden
Maike Rose
Managing Director,
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What were the reasons and
objectives of this long-term project?
What added business value results from end-to-end
warehouse automation?
What were the challenges?
How was the project approached and how did LogiPlus Consulting
support it?
How does the IT landscape at DAW look today?
What will the automation landscape look like after this project?
What role does AutoStore play in this?
How did the integration with
SAP EWM work?
What are the next steps?


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