LP DirectDPD in SAP

CEP processing fully integrated in SAP
with all DPD-specific functions

LP DirectDPD: fully integrated solution for CEP processing directly in SAP

Integration of CEP service providers in SAP

When products are shipped via CEP service providers, information from the express service provider is usually already required at the time of delivery creation, e.g. routing information, service or product codes. The data can be stored either at delivery level or at shipping unit level.

If a CEP service provider is specified in the outbound delivery, the information is automatically uploaded from the data stored for the express delivery company. There is a separate “Package tracking” tab in the outbound delivery document at header level for this purpose. The shipper informs the ship-to party of the tracking number and, if necessary, further information on the express delivery company.

Optionally, the shipper can create a shipment document that contains all shipments for an express delivery company. Based on this shipment, a manifest, i.e. a putaway list, can be generated and sent to the service provider. This is done electronically via the transport IDoc.

Both the shipper and the recipient can track the tracking status at any time using the tracking number.

Integration options: SAP ERP or SAP EWM


The maintenance and management of data for CEP service providers is carried out in the Express Delivery Cockpit. We offer the implementation required for this as a ready-to-run package with two different functional scopes:

Basic package

Option package

Packplatz (Screenshot im EC)


The Express Delivery Interface (ESI) is the central point integrated in the workstations for determining the required data. Since there is no connection on the SAP side, we offer the following ready-to-run packages for your DPD processing in SAP EWM:

Basic package

Option package 1

Option package 2

Success Stories of LP DirectDPD

Success story
SAP EWM Go-Live at Duni in only 3 months

Advantages with LP DirectDPD for SAP


Creation of transparency by mapping all processes in SAP. This leads to a simplified IT structure.

Calculable implementation costs

Based on our best practices and packages, a fast and cost-optimised implementation is guaranteed.

Avoidance of interfaces

Control and execution directly in the SAP system. This avoids additional interfaces and subsystems.

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