LP EasyClient RF-Browser

Device-independent industry browser for all mobile Microsoft and Windows operating systems - for WebSAP-Console and SAP ITS

Innovative web browser for mobile data recording in the warehouse: Device-independent. Robust. Intuitive.

Why LP EasyClient - Portable data capture (SAP PDC)

The use of mobile data recording devices is essential for modern and reliable warehouse management. With the WebSAP-Console or the Internet Transaction Server (ITS), it is possible to process RF transactions directly in the SAP system using a mobile data recording device and a web browser.

To be suitable for industrial use, mobile solutions must fulfill important characteristics and functionalities. The basic requirements are robust devices with special hardware, such as barcode scanners, imagers or RFID readers. At the same time, the web browser as client software must be user-friendly, stable and fault-tolerant. For example, a user must not be allowed to leave an intended program sequence prematurely.


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LP EasyClient RF-Browser at a glance


LP EasyClient is an innovative web browser for industrial use. Together with our Add-On LP MobileGRAFIX it offers especially for the WebSAP-Console and SAP ITS all features for a smooth and efficient working with RF transactions.

The client is executable on all mobile data recording devices with Microsoft Windows or Android operating systems. This allows free selection from a wide range of mobile devices from different manufacturers. The “look and feel” is retained when changing devices or in mixed operation with different devices. Unlike other browser solutions, which are usually designed for broader application areas and are subject to constant version changes, long-term compatibility with WebSAP-Console and SAP ITS is guaranteed.

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    Step 1: Open the login page

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    Step 2: Workstation selection

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    Step 3: Enter handling unit

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    Step 4: Check handling unit

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    Step 5: Weigh handling unit

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Features overview

Highlight - Integration with LP MobileGRAFIX

System requirements

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LP EasyClient

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Excursus from practice:
Paper-based processes - error source number 1

Document-based picking causes many disadvantages...

The customer orders – and expects fast delivery. This has become the rule. But a lot of time is often lost in the warehouse. Whether through manual processes that take considerably longer than automated processes and also lead to significantly more errors. Or through media discontinuities due to different systems used in daily operations. And last but not least, due to long distances.

How does it often still look in practice? First of all, the warehouse employee goes to the office, where he picks up huge amounts of slips of paper for picking. Then he goes back to the warehouse and starts picking the goods. And as soon as all the papers have been processed, he brings them back to the office – often not until the end of the day. The responsible employee in the office now starts to manually enter the data in the SAP system.

...that can be avoided through mobile data entry in the warehouse.

Mobile data entry, e.g. with scanners, pick-by-glass or pick-by-voice, leads to faster processes, avoids unnecessary media discontinuities and massively reduces the error rate.

Our add-on LP EasyClient offers many more possibilities for quality assurance. For example, the photo capture feature with upload to the SAP system enables the documentation of defective deliveries at goods receipt and stores the image with the corresponding business object. By documenting the quality defects incl. the signature of the deliverer, the complaint is processed much faster and more efficiently.

The feature is also used for outgoing goods, e.g. to document the legally required security measures for the load. The images can be stored in the SAP system in the delivery document, including signature confirmation of the responsible shipper.

Success Stories of LP EasyClient

Success story
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies: SAP EWM implementation based on a global SAP EWM template
Success story
DAW uses LP EasyClient in 15 EWM-managed warehouses: More efficiency through mobile data collection
Success story
SPAR Group Switzerland: Meat picking by voice - Pick-by-Voice in SAP LES
Success story
KraussMaffei runs SAP EWM
Success story
Metabo runs SAP EWM on Hana
Success story
SAP LES for a new automated small parts warehouse: double-deep storage & intuitive user interfaces
Success story
Cross-docking solution for shipping - SAP LES optimisation at BorgWarner
Success story
SAP LES implementation at Class to optimise production supplies

LP EasyClient - benefits through integration

Integrated in LP PoweredEWM

LP EasyClient can be smoothly integrated into the Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP EWM. This provides optimal support for the warehouse processes mapped in LP PoweredEWM.

LP LicenseServer: Cost benefits

Mobile devices can be licensed directly and without requiring interfaces. Manual processes are no longer necessary. This saves time and costs.

Integration by LP MobileGRAFIX

The design studio LP MobileGRAFIX opens up completely new possibilities to optimise usability of existing SAP Dynpros. Mobile processes in LP EasyClient are optimised and more efficient.

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