LP PagerConnect

Optimised yard management through complete integration of pager communication in SAP

LP PagerConnect: Yard management optimisation through integration of pager communication in SAP EWM

Overview LP PagerConnect

The LP Pager Connect [ixaro Edition] solution enables direct radio pager communication for sending short messages to the truck drivers on the factory premises. Thereby, the message transmission between your SAP EWM system and your ixaro pager is controlled via Remote Function Call (TCP/IP).

The efficiency of the yard management processes can be increased many times over through optimised coupling between hardware and software. This avoids overlapping approaches and unnecessary stand-by times.

The process is very simple. The truck driver receives a pager upon arrival at the gate. From this point on, the further process is controlled by means of the driving instructions issued by the SAP system. This is always done in parallel to the processes in Yard Management.

LP PagerConnect - features, concept and benefits

Features and concept

The LP PagerConnect package consists of the following three components:

  1. JAVA application started on the host
  2. Basic communication in the SAP System
  3. Enhancement package for the SAP application


System requirements


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LP PagerConnect

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LP PagerConnect - benefits through integration with EWM

Integrated in LP PoweredEWM

Our Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP EWM is complemented by a comprehensive toolset with our LP Add-Ons. With LP PagerConnect we offer an extension solution for the integration and optimisation of the adjacent yard management processes. LP PagerConnect can be smoothly integrated into LP PoweredEWM.

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Increasing efficiency and optimising processes

The interface between warehouse and yard management often causes problems. A direct SAP EWM connection of pager communication increases efficiency. SAP EWM becomes the leading central system. The error-prone control in separate systems is eliminated, processes become faster and better. This avoids overlapping approaches and unnecessary truck standing times.

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