Recording web seminar “Capacity check on allowed quantity in SAP EWM”

Web seminar from 16.09.2021 | Recording

"Capacity check on allowed quantity in SAP EWM for non HU-managed storage bins"

As part of our web seminar “Best Practices from Intralogistics with SAP Solutions” held on 16.9.2021, we also dealt with gaps in the standard of SAP EWM, among other things, and used two customer examples to show how these can be closed. In this video, you can learn from our expert Katharina Harms, using the example of our customer DAW SE, how we managed to do this with the capacity check for the storage bin as part of putaway.  

About the topic of "Capacity checking in SAP EWM"

For many putaway strategies, it makes sense to perform a capacity check for the storage bin when searching for a suitable storage bin. However, the SAP EWM standard only allows the check according to permitted volume or weight per bin, but not according to permitted quantity.
However, it was precisely the check as to whether the selected storage bin could accommodate the quantity to be stored that was an important criterion for our customer DAW SE. In this presentation we will show you how we proceeded and what advantages resulted for the customer.

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