Web seminar recording: “Quo Vadis SAP WM? SAP EWM or Stock Room Management – we show the way” | German video

Web seminar from 03.03.2022 | German recording

"Quo Vadis SAP WM? SAP EWM or Stock Room Management - we show the way"

With SAP’s focus on S/4HANA as new Business Suite, the warehouse management system SAP WM will also soon be replaced. But what comes after that? Which warehouse management solution best suits your company? Do you need SAP EWM to map your processes? Or is SAP Stock Room Management with a reduced range of functions sufficient?
In our web seminar from 3 March 2022, our experts compare the different solutions and present different migration paths. You will learn how SAP EWM, SAP Stock Room Management and SAP WM differ in their functional scope in order to better decide which path is the right one to cover your requirements.

German recording

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Main topics of the web seminar

Scope Compliance Check for SAP Stock Room Management

Many companies that use SAP WM have heavily customised it. The system contains customer-specific functionalities that have grown over the years. Since the functional scope of SAP STRM is reduced compared to SAP WM, it is important to check whether all previously used functions are still available and compatible under SAP S/4HANA when making a decision. For this purpose, SAP offers the so-called Scope Compliance Check.

We will be happy to support you in carrying out the check and evaluating the results.


Fulfilling last wishes: LogiPlus donates to ASB’s “Der Wünschewagen” project

Also in 2022 LogiPlus refrains from Christmas gifts for business partners and customers. For many years, it has been a matter of the heart of the SAP consulting company to support institutions in the region that work for children. This year, the donation worth 2.500€ goes to the “Wünschewagen” project of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) in Rhineland-Palatinate. The project is aimed specifically at people in their final phase of life and fulfills their last wish.


LP EasyWarehouseManager: new LogiPlus add-on to control outbound activities in real-time

For outbound processes in a warehouse, it is important to be able to plan the picking of open deliveries as efficiently as possible. However, the standard monitor integrated in SAP EWM does not offer the required flexibility, many helpful functions are not included and it is difficult to expand the scope of services. That is why we at LogiPlus have developed the LP EasyWarehouseManager add-on. Warehouse Manager get a real-time overview of deliveries and their current status. With these information they are able to manage all outbound activities efficiently and flexibly.


Review of the SAP Inspire for Warehouse and Transport Management on 17.11.2022

On 17.11.2022 the online event “SAP Inspire for Warehouse and Transport Management” took place. As SAP EWM experts, we gave an exciting lecture on the topic “Quo Vadis SAP WM? SAP EWM or Stock Room Management – we show the way”. The participants learned which solution for warehouse management makes the most sense for their company after the end of the SAP WM era and how they can approach the migration.