Papyrus runs SAP EWM
with LP PoweredEWM

SAP EWM Go-Live at Papyrus in Belgium and the Netherlands

SAP EWM Go-Live at Papyrus with LP PoweredEWM

About Papyrus

Papyrus Germany is part of the Inapa Group, one of Europe’s largest paper wholesale groups, headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to graphic papers, Papyrus’ product range also includes office papers and other consumables complemented by value-added services.

Papyrus Germany achieved a total turnover of EUR 572 million in 2018 with more than 20,000 customers. Papyrus Germany currently employs around 600 people. The globally active group of companies currently employs around 1,900 people worldwide.

Industry: Paper Wholesale

Initial situation and strategic considerations

In the course of the SAP roll-out in the two national companies in Belgium (Brussels) and the Netherlands (Nijmegen), warehouse management software also had to be introduced.

After Papyrus had already successfully introduced and operated SAP EWM based on LP PoweredEWM in warehouses in France, it was decided to also rely on LP PoweredEWM in these two warehouses based on the very positive experiences. LP PoweredEWM as a fully developed SAP EWM system covered all necessary requirements. The total project time was about 13 months.

In order to have a uniform approach and platform for the other internationally distributed warehouses, it was decided to rely on SAP EWM and LP PoweredEWM in the long term.

The biggest challenge

Solutions and services used

Main benefits for Papyrus

Project highlights

Transparency and clarity on one platform

A special feature of the project at Papyrus was the implementation of value added services taking place in the two warehouses. The warehouse staff carry out system-guided work steps and report the formed pallets back to the system. In the background, the Kit-To-Order or Kit-To-Stock orders are confirmed in parallel and the corresponding bookings are made. The ergonomic interfaces were designed with LP MobileGRAFIX.

With the help of a template, SAP EWM was successfully implemented in two other warehouses, which differ both structurally and in their workflows. Both locations have more than 20,000 pallet spaces.

In both warehouses, between 120 and 160 tonnes of paper are stored and retrieved daily, and at peak times well over 200 tonnes. Accordingly, between 400 and 700 deliveries are made daily, the volume of which can vary from very small quantities to full truckloads.

LP PoweredEWM from LogiPlus

SAP experience from over 20 years

With the LP PoweredEWM system LogiPlus uses a fully developed and extended SAP EWM system in the project. Our customer receives a fully defined warehouse, supplemented by field-proven enhancements of LogiPlus. These result from more than 20 years of experience with SAP-based warehouse management software.

Ready-defined workplace dialogues

Among other things, we deliver ready-defined workstation dialogues, stationary packing stations, picking stations on the conveyor system as well as ready-defined mobile processes. “Pick, pack and pass” scenarios are included as well as value-added services and cross-docking. An individually customisable LP Warehouse Control Center for controlling and monitoring the daily load is also part of our LogiPlus package.

Starting at 75% together

In the implementation project we directly use the latest version of LP PoweredEWM. The scope of services also includes MFS functionality with push channels for communication with a PLC. This significantly reduces the project complexity and runtime when implementing a SAP EWM system.

LP PoweredEWM is not a sample system or sandbox. Our Rapid Deployment Solution is delivered SAP-compliant and installed in your development system as a basis. With LP PoweredEWM you can start your implementation project at 75% instead of zero.

Details about LP PoweredEWM can be found here:

Advantages of implementing LP PoweredEWM


With LP PoweredEWM in 3-6 months to a fully functional warehouse management system.
Save up to 50% of the project duration with our Rapid Deployment Solution.


Our pre-defined processes and extensions
significantly shorten the implementation phase.
Thanks to these time savings, a considerable reduction in costs is possible.

Learning curve

LP PoweredEWM can be used from day one. The changeover to the new system thus takes place during the project phase and saves subsequent training.


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