The core to manage all business processes


ERP systems as centrepiece of all business processes

ERP systems form the nucleus of future-oriented companies. They are the core of all business activities. It is not for nothing that SAP refers to this as the “Digital Core”.

With a common database, all business processes along the entire supply and value chain are supported and controlled. From procurement and sales to production, intralogistics and transport logistics, all the way to after-sales and controlling. Only by intelligently connecting the individual areas is it possible to achieve holistic and optimised planning and control of resources.

Big Data

This is becoming increasingly important, especially in an era characterized by globalisation and digitisation. At ever shorter intervals, vast amounts of data are generated that must be captured, checked, processed and analysed.

To be prepared for these requirements, it is important to use a modern, scalable and future-proof ERP system with appropriate business analytics capabilities. It should map all relevant business processes and be modular enough to allow for expansion and adaptation at any time.

Real-time information

It is important that information is linked in real-time with other business areas within the company. If this is not the case, it affects the company’s competitiveness. For example, whether data is provided with delays and outdated information, whether reports have to be created manually, or whether information is kept in separate data silos. All of this must be avoided.

A professional ERP system is not only important for large companies, but also for medium-sized enterprises.

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