SAP Stock Room Management with S/4HANA

Formerly known as SAP WM. Management of less complex warehouses even after 2025

SAP S/4HANA Stock Room Management: Formerly known as SAP WM - Controlling of less complex warehouses even after 2025

SAP Stock Room Management successor to SAP WM

Since SAP WM will no longer be usable from 2025, there is now a real alternative with SAP Stock Room Management for continuation after the compatibility mode expires in combination with SAP S/4HANA.

This is particularly interesting for less complex and small warehouses. However, with a reduced scope of services and without further developments by SAP.

This solution does not affect the fact that companies have to change the SAP Business Suite (SAP ECC). This is still necessary. However, SAP Stock Room Management now offers new options with regard to warehouse management software. A large part of the existing processes in SAP WM can also be mapped in SAP Stock Room Management.

Your experts for the optimal software strategy

The strategy for warehouse management software that best suits your requirements and processes must be worked out, planned and implemented.

As pioneers of SAP WM and SAP EWM, we know the solutions and processes inside out. Our experts will be happy to support you.

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Features of SAP Stock Room Management

SAP Stock Room Management is a classic SAP WM with its basic functionalities. The solution focuses primarily on the management and control of warehouse processes.

Less complex, manual warehouses can thus be mapped comprehensively. This includes, for example, transfer orders for all manual and mobile warehouse movements.

However, some modules from SAP WM are no longer supported, for which there are no longer any rights of use in SAP S/4HANA. Further developments are not planned by SAP. However, SAP will continue to offer the necessary maintenance after 2025.

Here is an overview of SAP WM-functionalities that will no longer be available in SAP Stock Room Management:

If the SAP Stock Room functionalities are not sufficient for you, we offer you a variety of field-proven, inhouse-developed LogiPlus add-ons to close functional gaps.

For whom SAP Stock Room Management is suitable

Target Groups for SAP Stock Room Management

The target groups include companies that already use SAP WM and would like to continue to use it under SAP S/4HANA without needing the extended functionalities and further developments in the future.

The focus is primarily on less complex and small warehouses.
SAP Stock Room Management can be an intermediate step towards digitalising warehouse processes.

However, SAP Stock Room Management can also be of interest to new customers for whom the basic functions are sufficient.

To be able to make a decision, it is important to bring the software strategy into line with the overall corporate strategy. It is important to check whether SAP EWM would not be more suitable as an  alternative.

SAP Stock Room Management is not the right solution if the following topics, for example, are important to you:

In these cases, the implementation of SAP EWM makes sense, regardless of whether decentralised or embedded. Especially in the medium and long term, the missing functionalities can lead to problems with regard to Industry 4.0 and IoT due to a lack of automation possibilities.

The best way for your company

The right way depends entirely on your plans and strategy. Are you planning a timely migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA? Then SAP EWM is the right choice if you need not only basic functions for your warehouse, but extended functions and an integrated solution. This way, you avoid an additional migration effort after 2025.

The strategy that best fits your requirements and intralogistics processes needs to be worked out, planned and implemented. With more than 25 years of comprehensive expertise in SAP and warehouse logistics, we know the challenges and master the solutions and processes. Our experts look forward to supporting you.

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Further SAP EWM topics

Rapid Deployment Solution LP PoweredEWM

Implementation of a fully fledged SAP EWM system in record speed! Our Rapid Deployment Solution offers predefined processes and extensions. These lead to a significantly shortened implementation phase. Thanks to these time savings, a significant cost reduction is possible.

SAP EWM on Demand for temporary warehouses

With the all-inclusive SAP EWM carefree package, you receive all services from a single source – from implementation, licenses, maintenance, and hardware procurement to hosting, support, and application management. You even can rent all this instead of buying it and get predictable, manageable operational costs.


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