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Providing best fit SAP specialists.
Targeted. Fast. Reliable.

Providing SAP specialists with the SAP Resources Hub: Targeted. Fast. Reliable.

Challenges on the SAP market

Current issues such as a shortage of skilled workers, demographic change or digitisation pose major challenges for companies. In order for companies to implement central SAP and IT projects in a way that adds value, some effort is required. Both in the optimal prioritization of projects and in their possible staffing with internal and/or external resources.

The continuing decline in permanent employees to approximately 46% in 2019 (55% in 2017) is also causing problems in the implementation of SAP and IT projects. Often, these can only be reasonably mapped and implemented by using external resources.

SAP Resourcen Hub: Target Court. Fast. Reliable.

This is exactly where we at LogiPlus can support our customers.The benefits are obvious. Whether it’s about optimal handling of peaks, the right specialist with the best SAP and industry know-how or just about compensating for a lack of technical know-how.

Our search for the perfectly suited specialists is as individual as your project and your requirements. Our claim is to provide the right specialist for your project with our “Perfect fit promise” to be a valuable guarantor for a successful project.

But in all of this, we attach great importance to values in the cooperation with our customers. Discretion, trust and a partnership approach are part of our DNA!

But in all this, we emphasize values in the cooperation with our customers. Discretion, trust and a partnership approach are part of our DNA!

It’s people business!

Our services

The success of an SAP project stands and falls with the know-how of the project team. Industry knowledge and a detailed understanding of customer requirements are just as important as the social competence and soft skills of the consultants.

With our decades of experience in the SAP project business, we are guaranteed to find the right team of experts for your specific requirements – so that you can concentrate on your core business with a clear conscience.

You receive professional support from us in your search for the following resources:

Project Management

SAP specialists

SAP resources

Administrative resources

Support resources

SAP development specialists

Are you looking for experienced and competent consultants for your SAP projects? Temporary or long-term? Then contact us!

We find the perfect specialists for you across modules. We look forward to hearing from you!

Advantages of the SAP Resources Hub

Our quality committment

  • Experts on Demand: no matter if long-term project or selective support
  • Perfect-fit guarantee: from our network of thousands of experienced SAP consultants, we identify the perfect consultant for your requirements
  • 100% project success probability : through > 25 years of SAP expertise

Your benefits

  • Holistic project support: strategy – conception – implementation
  • Fast, smooth and successful completion of your SAP project thanks to our specialized project team
  • High savings potential thanks to the support of our experts
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