SAP EWM on Demand:
the all-inclusive package from LogiPlus

SAP EWM as a service model.
Tailor-made. Scalable. Cost-optimized.

SAP EWM on Demand:
the all-inclusive package with tailor-made services

SAP EWM as service model

Based on our Rapid Deployment Solution LP PoweredEWM, our offer SAP EWM on Demand provides you with a fully fledged SAP EWM system, supplemented by individual LP Add-Ons in a service model. Tailor-made for your company!

This unique offer in the area of the leading SAP warehouse management software can be designed individually for your company-specific situation. You decide which services are taken over by LogiPlus. For this purpose we provide you with our LP Toolbox-System.

LP Toolbox-System

Components of LP PoweredEWM @ Cloud

  • 1. Conception<br>2. Implementation<br>3. Licenses & maintenance<br>4. Hardware procurement<br>5. Hosting<br>6. Support

    1. Conception
    2. Implementation
    3. Licenses & maintenance
    4. Hardware procurement
    5. Hosting
    6. Support

  • 1. Conception SAP EWM

    1. Conception SAP EWM

  • 2. SAP EWM implementation

    2. SAP EWM implementation

  • 3. Licenses and maintenance

    3. Licenses and maintenance

  • 4. Hardware procurement -<br>mobile devices & printers

    4. Hardware procurement -
    mobile devices & printers

  • 5. SAP-Hosting

    5. SAP-Hosting

  • 6. SAP EWM Support

    6. SAP EWM Support

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Flexibility in financing and contract duration with SAP EWM on Demand

With the all-inclusive package SAP EWM on Demand, we offer you the greatest possible flexibility. Whether you want to operate a warehouse only for a limited period of time or on a long-term basis. Or whether you want to buy or rent SAP EWM. You receive a fully developed and modern warehouse management system based on SAP software. Work with us to develop a strategy that suits your company.

Buy or rent SAP EWM - Capex vs Opex?

More and more companies are considering not buying SAP on-premise licenses themselves but renting them together with a bundle of services such as the implementation project, hardware procurement, hosting, maintenance, application management, or support services. What can be high investment costs become predictable and manageable operational costs.

Decide for yourself whether you would like to cover all costs from the project to licenses and maintenance to hosting and support through our offer or only parts of it.

SAP EWM for a limited time?

Are you planning to use a warehouse for a limited period of time? Then our rental model is just right for your company. We define together with you which services are part of the offer. You receive a fixed ongoing amount for a defined period of time, so that you have the greatest possible planning capability.

You would like to continue operating the warehouse after the defined period has expired? That’s no problem either. We simply extend the rental model based on the new parameters.

LP PoweredEWM at a glance

Project duration around 12 weeks

Fully installed, extended and adjusted warehouse scenarios enable implementation in record speed. LP PoweredEWM contains more than 80 predefined processes and guarantees immediate use of the system.

On request we provide mobile data terminals and label printers for warehouse operation. Time and cost intensive negotiations with different suppliers for hardware, software and service are completely eliminated.

Efficient from the first day

Your implementation project is directly based on the installed LP PoweredEWM version. Among other things you get SAP MFS functionality with Push Channels to communicate with a PLC. This significantly reduces project complexity and run time.

LP PoweredEWM is delivered SAP compliant and installed in your development system as a base. The implementation project starts at 75% and thus all advantages can be exploited from the beginning.

The modular principle for the LP Add-Ons has to be emphasized. This ensures the reusability for the most different process flows and combinations.

Logistics service provider scenario included

Benefits of LP PoweredEWM

Highlight LP WarehouseCockpit:
Interactive Warehouse Control Center for SAP EWM

Highlight of our Rapid Deployment Solution LP PoweredEWM is an interactive warehouse control center for SAP EWM.

With the LP WarehouseCockpit, a warehouse manager has all logistic processes available in real time at a glance and can control them flexibly.

This facilitates the control of all warehouse processes immensely – from order entry to replenishment, picking and loading. The holistic view and optimisation of all processes significantly increases warehouse efficiency.

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Benefits of implementing LP PoweredEWM


With LP PoweredEWM in 3-6 months to a fully fledged warehouse management system. Save up to 50% of project time with our Rapid Deployment Solution.


Our predefined processes and extensions
noticeably shorten the implementation phase. Thanks to these time savings, a significant cost reduction is possible.

Learning curves

LP PoweredEWM can be used from day one. The changeover to the new system thus takes place during the project phase and saves subsequent training.

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