Success Story: DAW Sweden runs SAP EWM S/4HANA Embedded

DAW, Europe's largest private manufacturer of building paints, hits the mark with SAP EWM and LogiPlus

Exploiting the full potential of a holistically integrated warehouse management system with SAP S/4HANA Embedded

DAW SE is the largest private manufacturer of building paints and thermal insulation in Europe. The group of companies is headquartered in Germany in Ober-Ramstadt in Hesse and is represented at numerous locations in around 40 countries worldwide with around 5,600 employees. DAW is the umbrella for many strong brands such as Alpina, Caparol or Alligator.

Initial situation at DAW SE

DAW had to make the strategically important decision as to which ERP system should be used in the entire group in the long term. After the choice fell on SAP S/4HANA, a global roll-out plan determined which locations were to be transformed and when.

In this context, SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) was chosen as the warehouse management system. In order to benefit from a holistically integrated system in combination with SAP S/4HANA, DAW chose SAP S/4HANA Embedded as the implementation option.

The first location in this SAP EWM rollout series was Sweden. The warehouse there is around 3,600 sqm in size and comprises almost 4,300 systemic storage locations.

About the project goals and the implementation

After the successful cooperation in the SAP EWM project at the headquarters in Ober-Ramstadt, LogiPlus was again chosen for the implementation in Sweden.

With this project DAW pursued the goal of increasing process stability by converting to a system-managed warehouse. At the same time, accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse were to be increased by switching to scanning processes. In addition, the aim of this project was to create the basis for a long-term optimisation of the warehouse processes with regard to worldwide roll-outs.

The implementation was carried out within a very short period of time with the release SAP EWM S/4HANA 1809 in the Embedded Basic version. In addition, the graphic design studio LP MobileGRAFIX developed by LogiPlus was used to optimise usability for warehouse employees.

Benefits for DAW Sweden

To the complete success story


Fulfilling last wishes: LogiPlus donates to ASB’s “Der Wünschewagen” project

Also in 2022 LogiPlus refrains from Christmas gifts for business partners and customers. For many years, it has been a matter of the heart of the SAP consulting company to support institutions in the region that work for children. This year, the donation worth 2.500€ goes to the “Wünschewagen” project of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) in Rhineland-Palatinate. The project is aimed specifically at people in their final phase of life and fulfills their last wish.


LP EasyWarehouseManager: new LogiPlus add-on to control outbound activities in real-time

For outbound processes in a warehouse, it is important to be able to plan the picking of open deliveries as efficiently as possible. However, the standard monitor integrated in SAP EWM does not offer the required flexibility, many helpful functions are not included and it is difficult to expand the scope of services. That is why we at LogiPlus have developed the LP EasyWarehouseManager add-on. Warehouse Manager get a real-time overview of deliveries and their current status. With these information they are able to manage all outbound activities efficiently and flexibly.


Review of the SAP Inspire for Warehouse and Transport Management on 17.11.2022

On 17.11.2022 the online event “SAP Inspire for Warehouse and Transport Management” took place. As SAP EWM experts, we gave an exciting lecture on the topic “Quo Vadis SAP WM? SAP EWM or Stock Room Management – we show the way”. The participants learned which solution for warehouse management makes the most sense for their company after the end of the SAP WM era and how they can approach the migration.