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New web seminar: “Real-time transparency in the warehouse is not magic! LP EasyDashboard”

How our new add-on LP EasyDashboard helps to maintain the overview in the warehouse in real-time and to become more efficient – you will learn in our new web seminar. With LP EasyDashboard, created for SAP EWM-managed warehouses, key figures from different SAP data pots can be generated in real-time, aggregated and visualized as KPIs in intuitive dashboards. This enables an efficient control of the warehouse and the increase of performance.


Recording web seminar “Hands-free-picking to optimise picking performance in SAP EWM”

As part of our web seminar “Best Practices from Intralogistics with SAP Solutions” held on 16.9.2021, we also dealt with intelligent picking in SAP EWM-managed warehouses with hands-free picking solutions, among other things. Using the example of a customer, we show which advantages and efficiency increases are possible with this.


Recording web seminar “Automatic inventory management of returnable packaging in SAP EWM”

On 16.09.2021 we held our new web seminar “Best Practices from Intralogistics with SAP Solutions”. Among other things, we also dealt with gaps in the SAP EWM standard and how these can be closed. In this presentation, we will present a customer example of how we succeeded in doing this with the inventory management of returnable packaging in SAP EWM.


Recording web seminar “Capacity check on allowed quantity in SAP EWM”

On 16.09.2021 we held our new web seminar “Best Practices from Intralogistics with SAP Solutions”. Among other things, it was about how to close gaps in the standard of SAP EWM. The presentation by our expert Katharina Harms showed how we proceeded with the capacity check on permitted quantity for storage bins that are not HU-managed in order to optimise the putaway processes.


Recording web seminar “AutoStore: ways to a custom-fit SAP EWM connection”

As part of our web seminar “Best practices from intralogistics with SAP solutions” held on 16.9.2021, we also dealt with the intelligent SAP connection of AutoStore, among other things.
In this video, you will learn from our expert Marco Guckenburg what you should pay attention to when connecting an AutoStore system to SAP EWM.


Connecting scales to SAP for more efficiency in the warehouse

***Alarm at the SAP packing station!*** Connect scales to SAP EWM, SAP ERP and S/4HANA in just 30 minutes – with the add-on LP EasyScale! For all types of scales in the warehouse, regardless of whether they are stationary or mobile. Increase efficiency through faster processes and by minimising the error rate. Find out more in our online live demo. REQUEST NOW


“Best Practices from Intralogistics with SAP – The Fantastic Supply Chain Heroes”: Web seminar on 16.9.2021

Our new free web seminar entitled “4 Best Practices from Intralogistics – The Fantastic Supply Chain Heroes” will take place on 16.9.2021. Our SAP logistics experts will use 4 customer examples to show how we have solved very specific intralogistics challenges. From the intelligent connection of AutoStore to SAP EWM, to closing gaps in the SAP standard, to increasing picking performance through hands-free picking solutions.


New portfolio movie of the SAP EWM pioneers from LogiPlus

“We are LogiPlus! Logistics and SAP form the core of our DNA!” These words start the entertaining and modern portfolio movie of the Ludwigshafen-based supply chain experts. Completed in time for the company’s 20th anniversary, the movie provides a comprehensive overview of the entire range of services for optimising corporates’ logistics processes in around four minutes.


New portfolio movie from LogiPlus

In the context of our 20th company anniversary, we are presenting a further milestone in the external presentation of LogiPlus: our new, German-language portfolio movie. Get an idea of our comprehensive SAP and logistics expertise. Take a look at the SAP-based solutions and LP add-ons we offer. True to our guiding principle: “The tailor-made optimisation of the supply chain with SAP! That is our mission!”


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