LP EasyWarehouseManager

Real-time control of the warehouse in SAP EWM

Live overview of warehouse activities to efficiently and flexibly manage the outbound workload

LP EasyWarehouseManager to control warehouse activities in real-time

Initial situation

For outbound processes in a warehouse, it is very important to be able to plan the picking of open deliveries as efficiently as possible.

This requires an application that provides a real-time overview of deliveries and their current status. It should also provide necessary features  for a warehouse planner to carry out planning activities. And this is exactly where our product LP EasyWarehouseManager comes in.

About LP EasyWarehouseManager

LP EasyWarehouseManager is a tool for flexible and efficient picking planning.

Users can display lists of deliveries based on many search criteria. For each delivery, the current status of individual process steps such as picking, staging, loading and goods issue can be seen.

In addition, one can view the utilisation per queue or per storage type based on the open picking tasks. It’s also possible to organise views and hierarchy of the list, e.g. to see the deliveries per customer or carrier or delivery date.

Withe these information it is possible to plan warehouse tasks and to increase picking efficiency.

LP EasyWarehouseManager vs. other monitoring tools

At a glance

LP EasyWarehouseManager

Flexible control of processes

Central tool for the Warehouse Manager to visualise workload in real-time and to plan tasks and shipments.

Efficient planning

The picking planner create lists of deliveries planned for a particular date and time to plan picking efficiently.

Managing outbound processes

Outbound processes are always crucial to any warehouse as the goods must be picked and shipped to customers on time

Visualisation of warehouse DATA

Many necessary information about delivery, warehouse tasks and workload data can be visualised to optimise the outbound process

Supporting picking planner and shipping office

The LP EasyWarehouseManager add-on comes in to outbound area to help the picking planner and the shipping effectively

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LP EasyWarehouseManager

Display of delivery data with real-time status

Pre-configured variants with preset values to view data

Easily customisable layout and hierarchy tree to view data in a desired structure

One screen with 4 sub screens to list delivery items per customer, carrier and related warehouse tasks and workload details

One transaction to display data and to perform many activities related to shipping and picking planning

Reduces the effort and improves the efficiency of picking planner

Provides the better visual overview of the progress to the Warehouse Manager

Can be accessed using an URL as it is available with FIORI Version

Online live demo
LP EasyWarehouseManager

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LP EasyWarehouseManager

Delivery Data

1. Visualisation of Delivery Data

The deliveries can be searched based on various options that LP EasyWarehouseManager offers, e.g. planned pick, load, goods issue date, shipping, customer data or status of delivery

Warehouse Tasks

2. Visualise, create, display or cancel Warehouse Tasks

The warehouse tasks can also be visualised for the relevant deliveries or based on the various options such as source and destination storage type, queue or activity area.

Warehouse tasks for picking can be created using the LP EasyWarehouseManager. The selection can be done at individual delivery level, customer, carrier, warehouse level or any hierarchy node level to create the WTs for one or multiple deliveries together.

Warehouse tasks for picking can be displayed or cancelled if not needed. The selection can be done in the same ways as described above.

PP Dialog

3. Picking/Packing Priority Determination

The priority of the delivery in SAP EWM can be set manually as needed to prioritise for picking.

The priority for packing can be set, too. However, the system has no control to prioritise the delivery for packing, as only the information is displayed, based on which the user has to decide later and prioritise the delivery for packing.


4. Latest Start Date

Latest Start Date (LSD) of a delivery can be updated in SAP EWM using LP EasyWarehouseManager. Later this LSD details will be used to sort the deliveries for processing of picking in RF.

Transportation Unit

5. Display Transportation Unit and Vehicle

If the delivery is linked with a Transportation Unit (shipment) and a vehicle, then we can navigate to the Transportation Unit (TU) or the vehicle from LP EasyWarehouseManager.

Shipping Functions

6. Shipping Functions

Under the shipping functions, we have following options to support the shipping office personal:

  • Assign Transportation Units (TUs) to new vehicles
  • Assign TUs to existing vehicles
  • Assign vehicles to the door for loading process

Handling Units

7. Handling Units

The list of Handling Units can be displayed with the right click option.

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