Web seminar

Date: Thursday, 28.09.2023, from 9 to 10 a.m. (CET, UTC +2)

Date: Thursday, 28.09.2023
Time: 9 to 10 a.m. (CET, UTC +2)

Let's jump from SAP WM

How to rock YOUR migration.

Web seminar | 28.09.2023 | from 9 to 10 a.m. (CET, UTC +2)

Rock the Stage!

Let's jump from SAP WM to SAP EWM!
How to rock YOUR migration.

Join our exclusive and free web seminar as we present a comprehensive migration plan for the switch from SAP WM to SAP EWM. You will receive invaluable insights on how to manage this transformation and how to leverage the full potential.

During this interactive session, our experts will share our proven LogiPlus methodology and deep industry know-how to guide organisations through a successful migration journey.

The era of SAP WM for warehouse management will be over in the near future and a change to SAP EWM is mostly required. But how should such a migration project be approached? What needs to be considered when creating and implementing the migration roadmap? And what are the key success factors when switching to SAP EWM? In our web seminar, our SAP EWM rock stars specifically address these questions and challenges.

We will support you in creating a customised roadmap and compare the different SAP EWM options and migration paths. You will get comprehensive expert tips for all phases of a migration project.And as an encore, you will receive use cases and best practices from numerous successfully implemented transformation projects. 

Key take-aways of the web seminar

By attending this webinar, you will gain a clear understanding how to approach and successfully implement the migration from SAP WM to SAP EWM. And how our LP migration methodology can help your organisation optimise the benefits of moving to SAP EWM. Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage our expertise and ensure a secure and streamlined migration process.

Tailored migration roadmap

Learn how we analyse your existing SAP WM environment to identify potential challenges and develop a tailored roadmap for a seamless transition.

Holistic migration methodology

We will demonstrate how our methodology covers all phases of a migration project and  encompasses data migration, system integration, process alignment, and user training, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration process.

Best practices from other transformation projects

Through real-world examples, we will showcase how our migration plan has helped organisations similar to yours successfully navigate the transition to SAP EWM.

Coping with migration challenges

Gain valuable insights into how our methodology addresses common challenges, such as system downtime, data integrity, change management and user acceptance.

Tune in to our captivating web seminar and find the perfect beat to initiate your migration concert. Reserve your spot today to explore our LogiPlus migration methodology and know-how to safeguard your organisation's successful migration from SAP WM to SAP EWM, empowering you with advanced warehouse management capabilities on a modern and future-ready platform.

Main topics of the web seminar