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Migration - SAP WM to SAP EWM: The tailor-made strategy for switching from SAP WM!

SAP WM (Warehouse Management) since 1993

SAP WM was once SAP’s flagship warehouse management software. Until 2005, the software was continuously developed further. And with additional solutions, processes and systems that were not included could be integrated, e.g. floor conveyor technology or machine control.

But with the launch of SAP EWM in 2005, that was the end of it. Since then, SAP has no longer developed SAP WM functionally; the focus has been on SAP EWM, one of the most modern and complex warehouse management systems worldwide.

Even at that time, SAP EWM contained numerous functionalities in the standard version that either did not exist in SAP WM or could only be mapped with add-ons. The path from the inventory-managed warehouse to the process-managed warehouse had been taken.

Discontinuation of SAP WM in 2025

SAP WM as part of the phased-out ERP 6.0 will no longer be available after 2025. If a company has already implemented SAP S/4HANA, it will be possible to use the existing SAP WM in the S/4HANA core until 2025. Existing WM processes will remain in place and can be optimised with the help of S/4HANA.

However, the SAP WM migration must be completed by the end of 2025 at the latest, either to SAP Stock Room Management or SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management).

What are the options for switching from SAP WM?

SAP Stock Room Management

SAP Stock Room Management is a real alternative to the continuation of SAP WM after the expiry of the compatibility mode in 2025.

The solution is integrated into SAP S/4HANA and is particularly interesting for simple and small warehouses. However, with a reduced scope of services and without further developments by SAP.

SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)

If SAP Stock Room Management does not offer the required scope of services – numerous SAP WM functions are no longer mapped there – the only option is to switch to SAP EWM.

Especially for companies with complex and automated warehouse processes, SAP EWM is the right solution.

When is SAP EWM the right solution?

Switching to SAP EWM opens up many advantages and opportunities. Existing processes can be restructured and made more efficient. In addition, the solution creates the logistical basis for growth.

Due to the strategic importance of the software for SAP, it offers a high degree of innovation security. Continuous further development and optimisation is guaranteed. Below are some examples of cases in which SAP EWM is the right solution:

Flexible control of the processes

Companies want to actively and flexibly control resources and warehouse processes.

Increasing throughput

The material throughput time from goods receipt to goods issue is to be improved through higher throughput.

Complex warehouse processes

The complexity is high, e.g. due to multi-level picking

Integrated supply chain

Warehouse and transport processes are to be integrated and interlinked (e.g. SAP TM).


The degree of automation is high. Automated warehouse technology is to be connected.

RF connection

RF functionalities are needed for workplace activities.

The Road-to-SAP EWM - the optimal route with the LP EWM Navigation Workshop

If your company still uses SAP WM, you should consider switching over as soon as possible. But there is no silver bullet. The ideal approach always depends on the individual situation of each company:

Work with us to find the perfect approach to get you to SAP EWM. Simply visit our Online Logistik-Sprechstunde and discuss your current situation and challenges with us.

Or take the opportunity to talk to us personally in a free PRECHECK site visit and also take an initial look at existing processes and systems.

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Implementation & rollout

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Support & development

Success stories with SAP EWM

Success story
Follmann Chemie optimises warehouse management through real-time transparency in SAP EWM. With LP EasyDashboard.
Success story
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies: SAP EWM implementation based on a global SAP EWM template
Success story
DAW uses LP EasyClient in 15 EWM-managed warehouses: More efficiency through mobile data collection
Success story
Globales SAP EWM Template und Rollout bei Claas: Dezentrales SAP EWM S/4HANA
Success story
DAW Sweden runs SAP EWM S/4HANA embedded
Success story
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies runs SAP EWM
Success story
KraussMaffei runs SAP EWM
Success story
Metabo runs SAP EWM on Hana

Further topics around SAP EWM

Rapid Deployment Solution LP PoweredEWM

Implement a fully fledged SAP EWM system in record speed! Our Rapid Deployment Solution offers predefined processes and extensions. These lead to a significantly shortened implementation phase. Thanks to these time savings, a significant cost reduction is possible.

SAP EWM on demand for temporary warehouses

With the all-round carefree package for SAP EWM, you receive all services from a single source – from implementation, licences, maintenance and hardware procurement to hosting, support and application management. And you can even rent all this instead of buying it and get predictable, manageable operational costs.


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