Mobile data collection in the warehouse with LP EasyClient

DAW, Europe's leading manufacturer of building paints and thermal insulation, relies on LogiPlus' industrial browser to optimise SAP EWM-controlled warehouse processes.

Mobile data collection with LP EasyClient:
DAW uses the industrial browser in 15 EWM-managed warehouses to increase efficiency

About DAW SE

DAW is the largest private manufacturer of building paints and thermal insulation in Europe. With innovative coating systems for the building envelope, interiors and industrial surfaces, the company has been improving the performance of buildings for 1895 years, helping people to live and work in healthier, more efficient, better designed and more sustainable buildings.

The corporate strategy is based on the values of the owner family in the fifth generation: fair business practices, innovative strength as the most important means of differentiation and a sustainable business and product philosophy.

The DAW group of companies is headquartered in Germany in Ober-Ramstadt in the state of Hessen and is represented worldwide with numerous locations in around 40 countries. It is the owner of numerous strong brands such as Alpina or Caparol. The DAW group of companies employs about 5,600 people (2020) and achieved a turnover of about 1.3 billion Euros in 2017.

Industry: Paints and varnishes

Initial situation

At our customer DAW SE we introduced SAP EWM as warehouse management software at a total of 15 locations in Sweden, Austria and at the headquarters in Ober-Ramstadt.

As Europe’s largest private manufacturer of building paints and thermal insulation, optimised and automated intralogistics processes are essential for efficient warehouse management.


In the course of optimising the warehouse management processes by introducing SAP EWM, the general objective was to make them as efficient as possible. The main focus was on:

Integration of the industrial browser LP EasyClient
for mobile data collection in DAW's warehouses

To use all the advantages of mobile data collection in the warehouse, DAW relies on the tried and tested industrial browser LP EasyClient from LogiPlus.

This offers all features for smooth and efficient work with RF transactions especially for SAP ITS and focuses on the greatest possible usability for the employees with intuitive user interfaces.

Where DAW uses the LP EasyClient


Licences at the headquarters in Ober-Ramstadt in Germany, where a decentralised SAP EWM is in use


Licences at 14 locations in Austria and Sweden using embedded SAP EWM

Details and benefits for DAW

Areas of application

Use for mobile (RF) and stationary (workstations) applications

Operating systems

For all operating systems (Android, Win CE, etc.)


Central licensing for decentralised used hardware – from mobile phones, to any scanners, to complex intuitive touch industrial workstations.


Flexible scalability is given in order to be able to cushion growth and seasonal fluctuations

Platform flexibility

Heterogeneous hardware platforms can be mapped without any problems

Efficient onboarding

Homogeneous template-based processes at all locations: training-on-the-job, no prior knowledge required for warehouse employees

Excursus from practice:
Paper-based processes - error source number 1

Document-based picking causes many disadvantages...

The customer orders – and expects fast delivery. This has become the rule. But a lot of time is often lost in the warehouse. Whether through manual processes that take considerably longer than automated processes and also lead to significantly more errors. Or through media discontinuities due to different systems used in daily operations. And last but not least, due to long distances.

How does it often still look in practice? First of all, the warehouse employee goes to the office, where he picks up huge amounts of slips of paper for picking. Then he goes back to the warehouse and starts picking the goods. And as soon as all the papers have been processed, he brings them back to the office – often not until the end of the day. The responsible employee in the office now starts to manually enter the data in the SAP system.

...that can be avoided through mobile data entry in the warehouse.

Mobile data entry, e.g. with scanners, pick-by-glass or pick-by-voice, leads to faster processes, avoids unnecessary media discontinuities and massively reduces the error rate.

Our add-on LP EasyClient offers many more possibilities for quality assurance. For example, the photo capture feature with upload to the SAP system enables the documentation of defective deliveries at goods receipt and stores the image with the corresponding business object. By documenting the quality defects incl. the signature of the deliverer, the complaint is processed much faster and more efficiently.

The feature is also used for outgoing goods, e.g. to document the legally required security measures for the load. The images can be stored in the SAP system in the delivery document, including signature confirmation of the responsible shipper.


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