Press Release Review Expert-Talk: “End-to-end warehouse automation with SAP EWM at DAW”

Press Release | Review of the Expert Talk from 10.10.2023

LogiPlus successfully automates intralogistics at DAW through the introduction of SAP EWM and the EWM integration of the automatic transmissions.

Ludwigshafen, 02 November 2023 – LogiPlus Consulting GmbH, one of the leading SAP intralogistics consultancies, has made a significant contribution to the successful holistic automation of warehouse logistics at DAW SE‘s headquarters in Ober-Ramstadt, Germany. A key success factor here was the integration of automation solutions such as AutoStore into a newly introduced decentralised SAP EWM. The results of this long-term project were presented online in an Expert Talk on 10.10.2023. Jörg Martin, Head of Finished Goods Warehouse at DAW, and LogiPus CEO Thilo Matheis answered the questions of the moderators of the IT Onlinemagazin and thus offered insights into best practices and concrete recommendations for action. The recording of this is now available.

DAW SE is a leading international company in the building paints and building materials industry. The DAW group of companies is the home of world-renowned brands such as Alpina or Caparol. In 2019, the company was faced with the challenge of replacing the existing IT infrastructure, expanding the inventory warehouses and optimising and automating the processes in the warehouse. The goal of the project was the implementation of an end-to-end warehouse automation with SAP EWM by LogiPlus Consulting.

Together with DAW’s logistics team, LogiPlus developed an automation strategy that was primarily intended to increase efficiency and flexibility in warehouse operations. The wide range of topics shows how complex this project was. Among other things, it involved the migration of SAP WM to a decentralised SAP EWM, the integration of automation solutions such as AutoStore and an innovative forklift control system, the optimisation of the material flow with SAP MFS, the introduction of UI5 for order picking or a fully automated “goods-to-person” picking strategy.

During the conception and implementation, various objectives and mixes had to be taken into account. Among other things, there was the need to meet the increasing demands of the market and the customers while at the same time increasing operational efficiency. For this purpose, it was also necessary to completely return external, locally distributed warehouse activities to the Ober-Ramstadt location to bundle the activities in one warehouse and minimise expenses.

LogiPlus founder Thilo Matheis explained: “Our cooperation with DAW SE was a prime example of the holistic approach to intralogistics. We analysed the entire process and tailored it to the specific requirements of DAW SE. The implementation of a decentralised SAP EWM and the integration of automation solutions such as AutoStore lead to the full potential of automation being raised.”

The Expert Talk was moderated by Helge Sanden, Managing Director of IT-Onlinemagazin, and Maike Rose, Executive Director of IT-Onlinemagazin. The event offered participants first-hand insights, tips from SAP EWM experts and concrete recommendations for action for the automation of intralogistics. The discussion also included the role of AutoStore and how the interlocking with SAP EWM was successfully implemented. The automation solutions and the conversion to a decentralised SAP EWM have already created measurable added business value at DAW SE. The fully automated high-bay warehouse with 30,000 pallet spaces enables optimised warehousing and increases efficiency in order picking.

“Our partnership with DAW SE shows that automating intralogistics with SAP EWM offers significant benefits. The project is a guide on how to approach warehouse automation and provides a clear path for other companies looking for ways to increase their efficiency and competitiveness,” said Thilo Matheis.

The switch to SAP EWM and the implementation of automation solutions are part of a long-term strategy by DAW SE to increase operational efficiency and provide outstanding service to customers. The company is already planning the next steps together with LogiPlus to further expand its leading position in the industry.

If you missed the Expert Talk, you can request the recording here:



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