Press Release: At LogiMAT 2024, the SAP intralogistics experts from LogiPlus will show how to successfully migrate to EWM S/4HANA

Press Release

With many best practices for the migration from both SAP WM and EWM SCM to EWM on S/4HANA

Ludwigshafen, 8 March 2024 The changing requirements in the supply chain demand increasingly flexible and integrative solutions from companies. This is why SAP has been focussing on SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) on S/4HANA for some time now. As SAP ERP 6.0 and SAP SCM 7.0 have been terminated, this means that all companies which are still using SAP Warehouse Management (WM) or SAP EWM SCM will have to migrate soon. This migration presents companies with significant challenges, but at the same time offers them the opportunity to optimise their warehouse processes and meet the new market requirements.

At this year’s LogiMAT in Stuttgart, LogiPlus Consulting will be presenting methodologies and solutions for overcoming these challenges and maximising the full potential of a migration and transformation to SAP EWM on S/4HANA. This enables companies to better map and optimise more complex warehouse processes. To ensure a smooth migration, the SAP experts from LogiPlus will share best practices and experience from numerous successfully migrated projects.

How the migration from SAP EWM SCM can succeed

The decision to migrate to SAP EWM on S/4HANA is primarily made when companies require modern and highly flexible warehouse planning as well as comprehensive automation options. With SAP EWM, all processes in the warehouse – from goods receipt and storage to picking and dispatch – can be optimised and carried out efficiently. The solution improves the management and optimisation of storage locations, goods movements, order picking and the planning and monitoring of warehouse processes. In addition, the solution enables transparent visualisation of stock levels and movements, thus helping to improve decision-making.

SAP EWM on S/4HANA is designed as an extended warehouse management solution specifically for integration with the SAP S/4HANA system. This solution offers enhanced functionalities, improved performance and seamless integration with other SAP S/4HANA modules. The S/4HANA system itself represents the next generation of SAP’s ERP system, enabling faster processing and real-time insights through an in-memory database. The migration to SAP EWM on S/4HANA therefore promises not only modern warehouse management but also integration into an advanced ERP environment.

How the migration from SAP WM can succeed

The migration from SAP Warehouse Management (WM) to the possibilities of SAP S/4HANA offers companies various options for optimising their warehouse management. One option is to use SAP Stock Room Management, a warehouse management system specially developed for S/4HANA. Here, companies benefit from seamless integration and extended functionalities.

Another option is to migrate to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), which is available as a Basic and Advanced version. With SAP EWM, companies can benefit from modern, highly flexible warehouse planning, comprehensive automation options and a transparent visualisation of stocks and movements.

For companies that do not yet want to migrate completely to SAP EWM, there is the option of using SAP WM in S/4HANA in compatibility mode until 2025. This temporary use allows companies to continue to organise their warehouse processes efficiently and take advantage of the benefits of S/4HANA while they prepare for later migration. Overall, these options offer companies the flexibility to gradually modernise their warehouse management and adapt it to their requirements. Depending on their needs, they can choose between the different options and implement a customised solution for their warehouse processes.

Highlights of the migration with LogiPlus:

LogiPlus shows how to analyse the existing SAP WM environment to identify potential challenges and develop a tailored roadmap for a smooth migration. At this year’s LogiMAT, visitors will learn how the LogiPlus methodology covers all phases of a migration project, from data migration and system integration to user training, to ensure a smooth and efficient migration process. Using practical examples, LogiPlus will show how similar companies have successfully migrated to SAP EWM. LogiPlus will provide valuable insights into the methodology used to overcome common challenges such as system downtime, data integrity, change management and user acceptance.

Companies interested in a successful migration can benefit from the expertise of LogiPlus. Let’s shape the future of warehouse management together!

Want to find out more and meet us? Visit LogiPlus at LogiMAT 2024 in Hall 8, Stand C49 and discover more about the latest developments in SAP WM and SAP EWM on S/4HANA migration.

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Lecture “AutoStore, AKL, HRL, AGV: Orchestration of warehouse automation with SAP EWM. End-to-end. Intelligent.” at the “Exhibitor Insights” forum

  • Forum South, Hall 8
  • Wednesday, 20.03.2024, 13:30 to 13:50 o’clock
  • Speaker: Thilo Matheis, CEO of LogiPlus Consulting GmbH

LogiPlus Consulting becomes new SAP Sell Partner

On 20 March 2024, SAP and LogiPlus officially announced their new Sell partnership at LogiMAT. With this agreement, LogiPlus is actively supporting SAP’s cloud strategy in the Digital Supply Chain (DSC) portfolio. The partnership with SAP enables LogiPlus to provide companies with comprehensive support during their transition to the cloud. From advice on the right approach to implementation and ongoing operation, LogiPlus offers its customers all the necessary services from a single source. Read more in our press release.


Press Release: At LogiMAT 2024, the SAP intralogistics experts from LogiPlus will show how to successfully migrate to EWM S/4HANA

SAP is focussing on SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) on S/4HANA to meet the changing requirements in the supply chain. At LogiMAT, LogiPlus Consulting will be presenting solutions for the migration of SAP Warehouse Management (WM) or SAP EWM SCM. This migration enables companies to optimise their warehouse processes and better meet the new market conditions. The options presented, such as the use of SAP EWM on S/4HANA or Stock Room Management, offer flexible ways to gradually modernise and customise warehouse management. Read the press release.